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    Naked on the internet with Quinn
    I don't remember exactly when I found Quinn online, but I remember instantly falling in love with her. I sent her a DM polietely asking her if I could shoot her for my zine (datasszine), and had the pleasure of working with Quinn in Los Angels this past Feburary. Not only is Quinn as beautiful in person as she is online, Quinn is also extremely kind, polite and generous. We chatted via text a few times before meeting and I shared with her my obsession with playboy memoribilia and the day we met she gifted me the cutest playboy bucket hat. I consider myself pretty straight, but I literally fell in love with this angel. She has the most beautiful body I've ever seen in person, I felt so privelged to be able to capture her essence in my hotel room. I've been following her through her growth and constantly still drooling over every post she shares online because truly, she is gorgeous. Quinn and her beautiful roommate and friend Jasmine aka @jasman420 started a blog exposing all the perverts that send them dick pics and I myself for months have been collecting inappropriate messages. So I decided to start this series of interviews with women who get sexually harassed online, enjoy. 
    Name, age, location, occupation
    Quinn, 22, Sydney Australia, making people smile
    How long have you been naked online?
     I have been naughty online since I was 19 ( when I got Instagram ) and I went nude online when I was 20!
    photo's by Marilyn Rondon
    How many times have you been kicked off instagram?
    I'm on my 6 or 7th account! This is my 3rd this year. They've all been deleted for nudity.
    When did you first receive a dick pic in your dms?
    Whenever dms came into play, I'm sure I got one that day :)
    How often do you get them?
    Including snap chat I would say 5 ( on a slow day) and up to 30. It's really crazy, gross and laughable.
    When you get these messages, do they affect you emotionally?
    Sometimes if I'm having a bad day and get a whole bunch I feel really frustrated. Especially when they're really gross or include messages which are demeaning and disgusting. I block and report them right away. Now I screen shot them too. If I have a comment to add about how their penis looks I will reply. I like to offer constructive criticism. But usually I open them, say "eww wtf" and move on with my life.
    How does your online presence affect your sexual and intimate relationships?
    My pictures online have been the cause of fights in my last relationship but mostly my refusal to change my online style. The comments I get on photos didn't help either. Which I understand, people can be disgusting. My mom has gotten upset over my Instagram as well. I feel that it's unfair I get scolded for expressing myself, I don't like limits or rules! I will continue doing my thing :) 
    Are you currently dating anyone?
    Im not dating anyone right now. I'm focusing on myself this year <33 so many projects I have planned and I don't want any distractions! 
    What would you like to say to the world about this topic?
    I think it's really important to be comfortable with your own anatomy. If you're not, stop shaming people who are! Also the degrading comments make you look like a desperate loser and everyone would be happier if you kept them to yourself! We are entering a new age where nudity is becoming more accepted. We're not looking for sex, we're not porn stars we are artists expressing ourselves.
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