interview with shelby

I first found out about Shelby Sells about two years ago when I became friends with our mututal Alexis Gross. She was basically like "you would love my friend Shelby, she's just as into astrology as you are. lol. I then somehow became aquainted with Shelby online, and soon after met in the real world and have been a fan of her spirit since. She gets it, and cracks me up. We're kindered spirits. She's a multi-talented, multi dimensional artist that is constantly producing. We share similar views on life and taste in art, so I figured, who better than shelby to bring back this conversation peice I started last year. Here is my "naked on the internet" interview with my favorite pervert Shelby Sells... enjoy!

Name, Age, Location, Occupation.

Shelby Sells, 24, Detroit, Photographer / Journalist / Editor (Perv On The Go) / Shop Owner (Girlfriend Gallery)

How many outlets of social media do you use? Almost all of them.   

Which is your favorite/ least favorite and why?

My favorites are Instagram and Twitter. Instagram is a great place to showcase your work and make connections. Twitter is totally uncensored and raw. I can post anything I want on there and I really love that freedom! I wish people would stop censoring the internet. My least favorite is Facebook. Most of the things I see on Facebook depress me.....

I feel you... I fucking despise facebook!

Do you feel social media has changed your human interactions?

Not really. I stay pretty true to myself in all situations. 

We're you brought up religiously?

Oh ya. If you have sex before marriage you’re going to hell!

As a teenager, do you recall any extremely embarrassing moments that might have crippled you sexually?

No, but I was a late bloomer. I thought I would be punished for having sex before marriage. All the girls I grew up with were virgins on their wedding night. Not me, no thank you lol.  

LMAO, dawg, same.. I feel you.

 What is your opinion on gender/ gender roles/ gender equality?

I think you should do whatever makes you happy. I don’t think there are any set gender roles. People wear different hats in different families. As long as the love is there who cares. Gender is in a really positive place right now IMHO (in my honest opinion). Everyone is exploring everything and it’s so much fun to watch it all unfold. We are breaking down barriers while also celebrating masculinity, femininity, and everything in-between.

Do people send you nudes through your dms? (dick pics?)

Yes, I get nudes from men and women. I always enjoy the female nudes best because most dick pics are SUPER corny haha

Do you get slut shamed for openly talking about sexuality/ sexual relationships online?

It’s happened but I know my work is positive so I don’t let it affect me. Some people are just more conservative than others. It’s unfortunate when someone tries to shame you for being yourself. You can’t sweat other people’s problems. Brush it off and keep doing you. 

What are your parents views on your work?

They’re supportive. My dad doesn’t really look at my blog but supports my shop 100%. My mom is actively involved in everything I do. I feel very blessed to have both of them in my life. 

 What would you like to see change in technology?

I’d like to see it become more interactive - more 3d, jetpacks, hoverboards, etc. I’m waiting for the future technology of the past, you know, like the kind you see in retro-futuristic movies. Besides that, I’d like to see technology actually help people more. I feel like we have the tools to cure diseases and change lives but I’m not really seeing any of these tools implemented in society. What about a drone that can carry food to the hungry? A chip that tells you EXACTLY when you’re ovulating or about to have a period? A kind of technology that makes people want to get up and work out instead of being a lazy blob? I don’t know… It seems like all we’ve created so far are computers and phones. I’m excited to see what’s next!!! 

I can safely say I belive all these things already exists... BUT- only to the very rich.. the other day I heard about a flu pill you can take that literally cures the flu overnight.... which of course is only available to people with hella $$$! That on it's own is an entirely different conversation tho. Society- control... making me wanna take off into the woods, throw my iphone away, and never return. lol but we can talk about that another day ;)

What have you noticed is the most destructive  in human relationships due to the advancement of technology?

Jealousy and fear of missing out. Both promote insecurity, which is extremely destructive in relationships (especially the relationship with yourself!). 

Again, I agree with you, and I will state one thing I've noticed. Technology/ cellphones make us "feel" closer to one another, but also seperate us. There is suddenly this intensified pressure to respond to things you might not be ready to respond to right away, and then the communication is broken because you say things wrong. Or if you take "too long" to respond to someones text- then they get all agro or passive agressive about it. NO CHILL- I will take this moment to state that that is NOT healthy behavior. No body owes anyone thier time. If someone is engaging in conversation with you, realize that that persons time is equally as precious to them as your time is you and you have no right to make someone feel bad because they didn't respond to your text after 15 mins. YOU'RE NOT ROYALTY, NO ONE IS, WE'RE ALL MADE OF THE SAME SHIT! Thats childish behavior. It irks me to hear girls, guys or see meems about people timing the response to a text. Go for a walk, talk to someone else, or get OFFLINE. No one owes you anything, Appreciate what you get when you get it and don't project your abandoment issues on others, that's not the way it should be. You ruin relationships by adding this kind of pressure on people. There should be a mutual respect when it comes to communication. If someone can't respond to you right away, they're most likely busy or just flat out not interested in your conversation. That's life dawg. End of rant. LOL

Do you believe in transferring energy and how seeing negative comments can affect your physical and emotion well being?

Totally. Negativity is a virus and being exposed to too much of it can make you sick. There is definitely a transfer of energy through sex, so be careful who you’re sleeping with. If you produce mass amounts of positive energy and are hooking up with someone who’s inherently negative there’s a good chance that after sex they will fell uplifted and ready to go, whereas you could be feeling tired and melancholy. Your body is a temple so make sure whomever you’re with treats it as such! Reading negative comments about yourself will inevitably make you feel bad. It’s like volunteering to be verbally abused. If there are negative comments on my page I delete them. I try not to take anything I read on the internet to heart. 

 Can you recall one of the worst things thats been said about you online?

Hahaha I could try to recall, but anything negative that’s been said about me on the internet usually goes in one ear and out the other. I don't take it personally. 

 Words on online- bullying?

People who bully others on the internet are sick in the head and have no life. Bullying is a negative way to gain power over people. The best way to maintain your power is to disengage and block said bullies. If people start bullying you in real life get a restraining order. There will always be people ready to take your power and positivity and the more you fight for yourself and your freedom the better off you will be!

Words to live by? Trust your gut.

What does post-feminism mean to you?

“Post-feminism strives to be the next stage in progress towards a society/culture that is free from the gender binary and gender role. A postfeminist is a person who believes in, promotes, or embodies any of various ideologies springing from the feminism of the 1970s. Postfeminism is a critical way of understanding the changed relations between feminism, popular culture and femininity.In a postfeminist society, every woman would recognize her own personal mix of identities.” 

It is the women of our generation coming together and using sexuality to blend all genders, races, and “family roles”. In a Post-Feminist society we are all equal in all levels of society (not just the workplace). 

 Advice to generations here and generations to come?

Be kind. Love each other and love yourself. 

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