interview with rachel

I first discoverd Rachel Roze last year when our mututal friend Natalia Mantini collaborated with her on a photo project. Since then, I started to get to know Rachel online and have become very close with her, and have a great deal of respect for her as a human being and fellow Artist. Rachel is this beautiful, romanitic, almost tragic artist whose dedication to self expression in nude form has helped me personally get over a lot of my own hang ups about how I view myself as a woman, and artist. She is a huge inspiration and I feel extremely blessed to call her a friend. Since I have yet to interview an Artist, I figured, who better than Rachel, to discuss online nudity and the internet. Here is my interview with the lovely and beautiful Rachel Roze enjoy.

Name, location, occupation

My name is Rachel Roze Cuccia. I am a Visual artist. I was born and raised in Long Island, New York. I went to College in California and now I am based in the great city of Detroit. 

How many outlets of social media do you currently dabble in?

I am mainly just on Instagram and Facebook

Is you single or what? 

I am involved with someone wonderful..... but still would like to take you out on a date Marilyn Rondon ;)

How does your BF feel about your nudity online?

My boyfriend is a very talented and intelligent…that being said theres no way he can have any hang-ups with how I or anyone else will express themselves.

Anyone with a lot of talent and confidence in themselves won’t find negatives in how other people express themselves...and he loves and appreciates my photography ..

he also lets me photograph him nude which I love him for…

How does your "online persona" affect your family, work relationships, friendships?

My friendships and connections with people have strengthened more since I  have created an “online persona” …it helps me filter out the people who really deserve and don’t deserve to be in my life. If someone just finds reasons to put me down or scrutinize how I express myself I don’t keep them around…as far as work goes… I went to college at brooks institute of photography...its one of the best photography schools in the world… my damn homework assignments were to shoot nudes ..I had to study nude photography starting with drawing nudes to lighting nudes…for people to frown upon nudity just seem ridiculous to me. Any jobs I have is relating to my photography and graphic design skills and my online persona is apart of that… never ever would I be scrutinized for a fucking nude by anyone that has had any success or good understanding of an artistic industry….the people who I looked up to...people who have made a success from their own art have reached out to me and complimented me on my creativity and told me to keep going ...and that is what I listen to ...not insults from uneducated idiots.

What has been your most terrifying experience online? I recently had a terrible experience where someone was using my identity on facebook as their own and was cat-fishing another person, it literally tore my heart in half because 1- I hate having to be back on facebook and 2- I really don’t understand the psychology behind people who do that sort of stuff. Has anything to that extent happened to you?

 That sucks that someone used your identity…but we take those risks everytime we connect ourselves to the internet. Its like that scene from natural born killers “Once upon a time, a woman was picking up firewood. She came upon a poisonous snake frozen in the snow. She took the snake home and nursed it back to health. One day the snake bit her on the cheek. As she lay dying, she asked the snake, “Why have you done this to me?” And the snake answered, “Look, bitch, you knew I was a snake.”… The same goes for the internet and putting yourself out there… We are well aware of the benefits and also the RISKS that come with it. That person who got fooled took that risk by trying to find intimacy thru the internet. But People cat fish in person tho... think about all the mother fuckers in the world pretending to be nice or good and in the end they turn out to be a total different human than who you thought they be. 

Very true. I have indeed been cat-fished IRL more than once, but thats a whole other discussion on mental illness which, I'm not even ready to get into. lol

Do you ever delete your own posts because of the reactions you get?

No but my photos always get deleted. even none nudes ones can get deleted somehow…my first instagram had just got voted one of the best instagrams by some blog and then all of a sudden my account was flagged like crazy and it got shut down.

ugh, that's totally lame. I have had similar experiences with non-nude photography being flagged and deleted which I find extremely frustrating.

Lets talk about DMs for a min. Do you receive dick pics (or pics from girls as well) trying to holler at you?

I recently posted a picture of myself with a low cut top on and I got a ton of dicks popping up in my DM box…I just ignore it bc my intention is never to arouse males and if it does that means nothing to me..making random guys dicks hard is the last thing I’m trying to accomplish.…I love when girls send me nudes though its more of a connection from one woman to the other to say HI this is my flesh to your flesh ..I respect yours and want to connect more bc I see commonality in our freedoms of our bodies ,,we are in this together ..,and I think thats beautiful.

I agree.

Do you recall the most hurtful thing someone has said to you online?

I’ve dealt with the horrors of verbal abuse for years in person not online …the most horrible things you could imagine have been said to me over and over from people I have cared has jaded me so much to when I get negative comments online now  I’m just like yea whatevaaaaa…it doesn’t hurt anymore as it did when I was younger…I use to get my feelings hurt but now I understand the psychology behind insults and hatred..and when you understand something it takes away from the emotions of it…also anyone who has any sense at all would know that insulting people will only push them further in life to continue doing whatever it is they are hating on...hatred and insults only backfire in every-way…

What was your earliest childhood memory as far as computers and the Internet are concerned?

I remember never wanting to be on a computer as a kid and now I’m always on it ;/

Do you find it that you have to explain yourself to others because of their lack of understanding or compassion with the way you choose to live your life?

In the beginning I was explaining myself a lot but now people see my hard work/vision and talent and I have a great deal of respect from so many wonderful people.

Only in the begining did I use to fight for people to try to understand me…now I’ve gotten to the point where if someone can’t appreciate or see my talent then I just don’t care what they think. I take photos from cracks on the street to shadows to inanimate objects to nudity to just about anything…but fools will just focus on me taking a nude  ..or if I upload a sexy flatering photo of myself. ...I don’t even consider myself me while photographing myself...its theatrical and fantasy to me and playing with identity ...its my imagination, it is artistic ....but fools will be one dimensional and can’t see it other then I must be a sex freak or vain or I'm an attention whore or whatever else negative things they can think up. I don't think its wrong to want attention..I don't think its wrong when people choose to show themselves in beautiful ways exspecially when there is so much self hatred in the world....we make our own truths...who can define the line between what is narcissistic and there a line? Who even made up these structures?  All I know is that I don't look down upon anyway someone expresses themselves,..beautiful, ugly,  happy or sad...its all human its all can be all literal it can be all imagination. We make our own truths.

Beautifully said, I couldn't agree with you more.

 Whats one of the most positive things you’ve gained from social media?

Connections to amazing people. Finding other like minded souls ...effecting people in positive ways. People appreciating what I do. Gaining inspiration from others. Communicating with all walks of life.

Has the internet caused you any psychological pain?

Sometimes I can stumble upon things I just don’t want to see….soemtimes I think it keeps me in touch with people I don't want to be in touch with anymore. But pain I don't know ....psychological pain can always turn into realization and growth. Everything everything is persepctive. 

Dawg, you is like so wise. For real tho, very very true.

If you could change anything about the internet, what would it be?

More filtering options and better blocking systems and no pop ups.

What advice can you give to all generations from this interview?

Stop comparing peoples internet personas to real life persona’s…it can be similar but its two different mediums no matter what….THERE IS THE INTERNET AND THEN THERE IS WAKING LIFE!!…keep things in perspective…appreciate it for what it is…don't assume anything about anyone whether online or in real life...take the time and effort to get to know someone before you make comments about them .....Don’t compare your life to others online or in real life...theres no internet police or rules on how to use it ..if something makes someone happy don't try to dissect it...we have the ability to use the internet in many different ways..find what works most positive for yourself…for me its a creative outlet …its like a performance stage AND THAT IS FINE…just like its fine for someone to want to just post pictures of their cat, car, art, kids, job or ass…..theres no rules…if someone wants to depict there real life as close as possible online than thats fine…if someone wants to depict their online life like they live on fucking mars and dress up like a princess or portray themselves like they are a fairy or fawn and living in Narnia than thats fine too. theres no ONE way of anything!….we can all coexist and accept each others differences and expressions and be kind to one another…people are just sound like FOOLS if they insult people in anyway especially for how someone expresses themselves is judgment that defeats us..its judgements that causes pain...we can all choose whether to see something as beautiful or ugly,…we are all on different paths…someone might see nudity on the internet as vanity or degrading but try to understand that the person is on their own journey and have their own perspectives and that very thing that you dislike is the very thing that might lead them to their own enlightenment. TO EACH THEIR OWN… all the things that might seem like its effecting us negatively might cause the very opposite efffect and just might be pushing us to look more inwardly at ourselves..when something bothers us or we feel jealousy or hatred towards something it is a sign to encourage us to analyze these negative feelings and get to the root of it...never will abolishing the world of what you don't like solve anything...everything that exists exists for a test teach us... and in the end all this shit thats happening online and in real life right now is pushing us to have a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Its all gravy baby...fight hate with love .....i love u - Rachel Roze 

Your words truly resonate with me, thank you so much for interviewing with me Rachel, and I too love you.

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