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Naked on the Internet, with Alexis Lange

For my second interview, I had the pleasure of speaking with internet beauty Alexis Lange. For this project, I’d like to bring forward more than just the fact that we get sexually harassed online. A big part of why I find it important to speak on this subject is also because many of us on top of getting sexually harassed by (not just men, but also women) also get bullied frequently online as well as offline because of the fact that we are so comfortable with ourselves and our bodies. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Alexis in real life yet, but from her posts I find her to be quite interesting and an inspiration as a woman, to love myself, unconditionally of the crap people spew on us on this platform. Here is my discussion with Alexis, enjoy.

Name, location, occupation

Alexis Lange, Las Vegas, Server

How many outlets of social media do you use, and which do you find to be the most threatening to your safety?
Mainly stick too tumblr, and IG. I find that tumblr gives women a more open spectrum to be able to share what they please but it comes with a consequence. Non stop ridicule and judgement of anonymous messages from complete strangers. Who don't even know you! The moment you share a tasteful naked photo, they appear out of nowhere to share their opinion on your so called "free will". IG has more prowlers. Cat calling men, and women. Easy to block those people. Tumblr, not so much.

How often do you post images that get flagged and removed- and before your images are removed, what kind of comments do you get? Do they cause for a response of dick pics usually?
The majority of my photos that have been removed were because my nipple was showing, or even just a slip of my areola. Even professional photos taken by professional photographers, that show some ass crack get flagged. I'm never asking for it. No woman is. Men usually try to DM me with the old "you're so beautiful" " can I see more." Trying to keep it classy, but you already know what their motive is. The moment I decline them, I get told that I'm a slut anyway. I'll never understand it.

Do you feel a threat to your safety due to the content you are posting? I mainly ask this because my friends are always concerned for my safety whenever I post a semi nude, although it never slips my mind to be afraid of the world outside the net. 
Not so much. I don't see any harm coming from the Internet. Just a lot of harassment. But that can easily be detained. Cool thing about IG is that the block button comes in handy. More than tumblr ever will. Can't block the anonymous bullshit that is shoveled in your face because you express yourself.

How does your online life affect your daily life (negative or positive)?

I don't ever let it effect my real life. There are times where I've received very vicious anon messages via tumblr. People telling me I look like a man. Or that they are curious as to when I'm having a sex change. All because I now have a shaved head. The depths that people go to try and assault you with words is astonishing. (I can personally relate to you on this, I've also been called a man online several times, which to me is hilarious because I am completely femenine in so many ways.)

Do you find it that you are posting content true to your life or is it more of an escape from reality? 
Since I began my adventure into la la land, I've always expressed myself. Sharing very private things about my life in blogs or by photos. I've always kept it real. People are threatened by that. I don't sugar coat my life. I share the hardship, and the rise. But, I'm still bashed on the daily about it. From a photo to a paragraph about a break up I'm going through, No sympathy for anyone when it comes to sharing it on the World Wide Web.

Do you have men sending you dick pics on a regular basis?
My DM is rarely filled with any dick pictures. I get DMs from men, who "want to get to know me" or "understand" me.  They start off sweet and concerned about me when I share that I am upset or fed up with life. BUT- after I say thank you, that's when the true colours shine. Over complimenting my features, telling me what they would love too do with me or how I need to be with a guy like them. Very demanding. Very rough. Once they get out that " oh, you're just so beautiful!" - I wanna shove my cock down your throat" wolves in sheeps clothing.

Does your online life psychologically affect you? (My online life has personally affected me in negative ways and made me very suicidal for a while, I find it that this is something that happens to many girls and I want to bring it to light)
There have been moments in my life where things became to much too handle. Being accused and bullied for things that people would assume of me- because of what their friend told them. Taking it upon themselves to leave me nasty anonymous messages about how I'm a horrible person. How I don't deserve to be alive. Last time I've checked, I never bombed a preschool! I've lived my life, I've shared what I wanted; And I tried my best to keep my composure about things that were too difficult for me private. There was always something; someone to come and crush me. I fell into a very bad depression. Took a step back from the Internet for a few months. Tried to get away from it all.

Then started fresh. But they found me out again, and of course it continued. No one is safe from judgement. You can be mother fucking Teresa and someone is always going to be right there and talk shit about your skirt being to short.

Do you find it that the sexual harassment comes mainly from men? Or is it coming from women as well?
Mostly men. I've only been harassed by one woman. I really wish I kept the DM she sent me. She was a random IG follower. Commented on how beautiful I was. I replied "you as well". She later sent me a DM and asked me if I really thought she was pretty and of course I said yes. She then DMed again; but with a video of her fucking herself with a dildo; asking me if I'd like to see more of her. I was frozen in my tracks. I never responded, and blocked her. Creepiest shit I've ever encountered from a female on the line.

What advice can you give to the younger generations about self image, and how to portray yourself online in a safe and tasteful manner.
No matter who you are or how good of a person you are; there will always be people in this world who want to see you fall. Even complete strangers. The Internet is filled with wolves. You just need to be able to decipher them from the herd of sheep. Hold your ground. Support your beliefs. Never let anyone bring you down. You are you. You are free. Show it! And never give two fucks about what anyone else thinks. After all, it's just the internet.

If you'd like to get to know her better, follow Alexis here and here.