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Marilyn Rondon also known as sheyatted  or  DJ totally stoked was born in Valencia, Venezuela and immigrated to Miami, Florida with her family at the young age of 5. She attended magnet art schools throughout her early childhood but graduated a year late from Design and Architecture Senior High school. She moved to NYC in '06 after spending a summer living and working as a waitress in Nantucket, MA.

Her art journey continued as a shop assistant at Fun City tattoo and Dare Devil tattoo where she got back to the basics of drawing and watercolor painting. After working in the tattoo scene for several years- she left the shop life to pursue continued education courses at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan as well as persue her passion as a DJ. 

After years of battling substance abuse and major depression; Marilyn relocated to Miami, FL where she cleaned up and honed in on her talents. She began painting murals for a living and showcased her first conceptual art piece Latina Seeks Thug at the little Haiti country club in Miami in 2014. That same year, she began self-publishing her magazine Dat Ass Zine  and curated her third show I’ve been planning while you’re playing  at Art Basel. In 2016 Rondon published her first children’s book Why does Mommy have tattoos? with lit Riot press.

Marilyn's unique look has landed her major ad campaigns (Reebok, Good American, Discount Universe, Katy Perry INDI, York Athletics MFG). She’s been featured in music videos and walked her first fashion show for Gypsy Sport SS17. Marilyn resides in Los Angles, CA where she practices Kundalini Yoga and continues to expand her artistic vision as well as educate herself and her social media following on mental health, nutrition, holistic living and mindfulness. 

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